My masterised track has disappeared or something

Hello team !

I’ve masterised 6 tracks.
Everything was okay, but, at some point, when I was creating new album, one track just disappeared (title : The Horse ; album : Unfollow your dreams…). The play button turned grey instead of black and I didnt have the time to download the new master so I can’t add it again…

Thank for help. (Im kinda cursed cause I have a new problem at every new project, sorry for this, hope you’ll help me)


Hello @BisouMusique

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly. You can expect an answer today or next week. No one from the Team works on weekends.



Hello @BisouMusique,

What do you mean by “one track just disappeared” ? It just seems that you’ve deleted the audio file from the mastered track:

You haven’t backed up your mastered audio files on a harddrive ?


What ? No, I didn’t delete it :frowning: And I haven’t save it immediatly so I don’t have the mastered audio files anywhere :frowning:

I can’t say 100% I didn’t delete it by some kind of mistake, but that will be very weird, I wish I’m not that stupid :frowning:

What do you think I’m supposed to do now ?

Thank for your help <3

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Btw, I just tried to delete one song, to check how it works, and as there’s no confirmation needed, maybe I just misclicked… I’ll assume this but maybe you should add a confirmation before deleting track to avoid that kind of misclick by idiots like me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Hey @BisouMusique,

Unfortunately there is no way for us to recuperate the file you’ve deleted if you haven’t stored it into a separate drive :confused: