My music are not identify by Youtube CID

My music are not identify by Youtube CID and i don’t get email about the statuts of my music can you check from it


As indicated on this article, it takes about 14 days after your order for the CID to be activated if your content is eligible. If past this delay the CID icon on your library isn’t black, it simply means that unfortunately your content doesn’t match the eligibility guidelines set by YouTube.

The CID Icon is black that’s mean it’s activated but YouTube don’t identify my music

Hey @RelaxRayez

We don’t have control over what YouTube accepts unfortunately.

can you check the statuts of my music because i don’t take any message and my music are accepted but didnt identify by YouTube CID


Hi @RelaxRayez

Thank you for your message. @Carlos will get back to you shortly, and take care of your request.

Please be patient :clap: There is no work on weekends. That’s why you won’t get an answer until next week.


@RelaxRayez, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do at this level, as the detection system is owned and controlled by YouTube. We cannot affect the way their algotrithm detects (or not) your content. It can also be that for now no video is generating ads which allows you to earn money.


Can i take it down and distributed again maybe it fixed because untill now the CID is not activated!

Hello @RelaxRayez,

Taking down and re-distributing the content will not “fix” anything because there is nothing to “fix” here.

As the icon is black on your dashboard, it means that the monetisation is already active. In your case, it simply seems that YouTube is not detecting the content on their platform but again, there is unfortunately nothing we can do about this as this is entirely relying on their own algorithm and we have no control over it.


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