My music in a correct Spotify ID

Hi everyone,

I’ve just released a new single and I need to put it in a correct Spotify ID, seems that Imusician doesn’t recognize my Spotify artist URI, so I’m afraid it will be placed in a generic artist page once it will be delivered. can I keep in touch with someone to solve that problem?

Thank you for your help

hi @EmaParati , don’t worry, I’m asking @Melani if she can help here or forward the issue to the right person :smiley:


hello @EmaParati,

When you are entering your URI on the iMusician dahsboard, please make sure to only use the numeral section of the code (do not use the “spotify:artist:” part) otherwise it will not be recognised.



Thank Carlos for your answer, I’ll consider your suggestion for the next publications. Is it possible to pair my single with the correct Spotify URI also if it is already published? it’s not delivered to the stores yet.

@EmaParati, what’s the barcode of the release in question please ?

EAN 4066218811803

Title: 1849 (eighteen forty-nine)

EAN 4066218811803

Title 1849

Thanks @EmaParati,

We have added the URI so the release gets paired when we deliver it to Spotfiy :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Carlos for your kind support , have you added the song to URI: spotify:artist:5rqepyBXgoNreH3zQMF7LL?
That is referred to Ema on Spotify?


@EmaParati, yes that’s what we did.


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