My name is on another release as a featuring. How can I remove my name from the songs?


I would like to remove my artist name and any link that I have with a release that was done on iMusician by another person. Could you help me?

Thanks ! =)

hi @Igor Let’s ask @Carlos of the iMusician Team if he can help you with this :v:

Hi @Igor

Could you provide us more information so we can help you?
What’s the release you’re talking about ? Please provide us with different links.
How is it possible that someone else released a song without your consent? Or is it that you asked iMusician some time ago to delete your account and delete your release?

Please give us more details so Carlos can have all the information he’ll need to help you :pray::blush:



So I was part of a crew where I was co-writing songs and I ended up featured as an artist on these songs when they released it. I no longer want to see these songs appear on my artist Spotify page that’s why I was asking to remove them if possible.
Here are the two songs:

Thank you so much and have a nice day!

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