My profil page is stuck - I can't replace a track in my next release or ask anything to the team


Big bad for me! I made a mistake loading the wrong track. I paid for my next release since 2 weeks (EAN 4066218886078). But it’s impossible to replace the track.

I wanted to ask you why but everything are stuck on my page and I cannot write to the team.

The release is planned the 10th november and I’m a little bit nervous… There’s no contact except your procedure that does not work on the website.

Please help.

Gaëtan pour Manila Haze


Grande urgence pour moi! J’ai fait une erreur en chargeant la mauvaise piste. J’ai payé pour ma prochaine sortie depuis 2 semaines (EAN 4066218886078). Mais il est impossible de remplacer la piste.

Je voulais vous demander pourquoi mais tout est bloqué sur ma page et je ne peux pas écrire à l’équipe.

La sortie est prévue le 10 novembre et je suis un peu nerveux… Il n’y a pas de contact sauf votre procédure qui ne fonctionne pas sur le site.

Je vous en prie, aidez-moi.

Gaëtan pour Manila Haze

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hi @ManilaHaze let’s first of all ask @Carlos if he can help you with this. I don’t know if you have a free subscription, then this is the right way to get support, or Amplify, Amplify+, there you can also use the e-mail support


Yes, I got a premium account. Amplify +… So I need to know why and if the team can do something.

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dear @ManilaHaze here you can find how to contact the iMusician Team : Comment contacter iMusician ? | iMusician


As I told you, no link is working! So, What’s the solution? @Carlos ? Please help me. I don’t wanna see my release cancelled just because the website doesn’t work well you know…

Thanks a lot.

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Hello @ManilaHaze

@Carlos from the iMusician Team will get back to you next week. There is no work at this time and on weekends.



Thanks a lot!


Hey hey @everyone! Happy Monday and @ManilaHaze no panic!! We are here to help! :slight_smile:

We are on time to change anything you like since our quality team made the verifications and there are some corrections to make.

  1. First, I see you are on an AMPLIFY+ plan. Did you try to contact us through the dashboard? Please follow these instructions:
    How to get in touch with iMusician? | iMusician
    Plus, I sent you an email, so you can reply it to me as well. But would be great if you could try from the dashboard!

  2. You can send the audio file via WeTransfer in reply to my email or just upload into the library, so we can add it to the release. In such case, please fill in all the metadata required. And, in the case the title changes, we would need also a new artwork that matches!

Have a great day and talk soon! :slight_smile: