My release is associated to wrong artist on Apple Music and Youtube Music, at least

My release (A l'étroit !)
has been associated to a wrong artist on Apple Music and Youtube Music (at least).
My artist name is -QU4TRE- (with the “-”), it did not exist and an existing artist with name “Qu4tre” (without “-”) has been used instead.

Can you please fix this issue by creating a new artist on those platforms (with -QU4TRE- as name, or QU4TRE if dashes are forbidden), and associating my release to this new one ?
Thank you very much.

Christophe, for -QU4TRE-

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Hey @MsieurToph, yes we can send a request to Apple and YouTube so they can correct this. To do so, please provide us the links to your release on both Apple Music & YouTube Music :slight_smile:


Hi @Carlos. Sorry, I haven’t seen your answer. Notifications were inactive.

Concerning YouTube Music :

I am not an expert of the platform but it seems like the artist (“-QU4TRE-” … with the dashs) does not even exist. I cannot find any link to it. Beware not to confuse with the existing band Qu4tre, without th dashes.

Concerning Apple Music :

The EP is attached to the wrong artist. It is currently attached to “Qu4tre” … instead of “-QU4TRE-” (with the dashes). This second one should be created and the released EP should be move to its discography.

Here is the -QU4TRE- artist page on iMusician : -QU4TRE- - Artist Page - iMusician

Please let me know when things are fixed. Or if you need more info.
Thank you in advance.
(I activated notifications so I should be more reactive next time)

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Hello @MsieurToph


@Melani or @Carlos will get back to you shortly.

You can expect an answer next week. No one from the Team works on weekends.



Hey @MsieurToph,

  1. Regarding YouTube, let me explain what’s happening here: your release is currently attached to an auto-generated Release - Topic channel. Basically, until your music generates enough traction on YouTube, your Artist - Topic channel won’t be created. It’s only when this channel is created by YouTube that you will be able to access your YouTube Music artist profile. You can find more info on topic channels here.

  2. I’ve sent the request to Apple, expect about 3 weeks for the release to be moved to a new artist profile :+1:


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Hi @Carlos ,
Thank you very much for all your actions.

Last question :
About YouTUbe, what if my band already has a channel ( ?
Is it possible to “link” them together and use our current channel as the “Artist” channel ?


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That will be possible once the Artist - Topic channel is created. You will then be able to request an official artist channel, which will merge both channels into a single one. You can find more info on this here.

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OK, thank for all these informations !

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