My release is on the wrong artist profile

Hi, my last song published even on Apple Music Store was unfortunately given to a wrong artist.

Please take this datas and ask them to transfert it to my correct profile.

Song → ‎Reapproaching di Nexus & Ilea su Apple Music
WRONG profile → ‎Nexus su Apple Music
CORRECT profile → ‎Nexus su Apple Music


hey i released my first EP but it came on another artist profile. I would like to create my own profile so it go on it ! It worked on spotify for example but not on deezer. here is the link of the project : - Free Social Media Marketing and Promotional Tools for Digital Content Creators

Thanks a lot for your answer.


I don’t have an answer on your specific question, but I did want to highlight one thing for you - unfortunately has hosted some ~inappropriate~ content at some point in time and is now highlighted as a “phishing” website (screenshot below)

This will probably not help with Music Promotion. Now I am going to sound cycnical and say that iMusician’s Artist Hub’s do not have the same issue and can be used for free for ANY release (even if it wasn’t released with iMusician).

One of our team will be in touch shortly regarding the wrong artist profile.


hey mate , i just made my artist hub : 1+1=2
But now i would like to know for example how do i create a new artist profile on deezer ? Spotify did it by itself but not deezer do you know how to fix this ?

@GDH It can take a couple of minutes for each of the shops to “respond” with the information - I can confirm that I can now see Deezer (screenshot below)

You can request a new profile on Deezer through this form dedicated for it:

Hey @Nexus if you have AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ subscription, you can reach out to our team to help you with that. Otherwise, you can directly request the change through your Apple Music for Artists login here: and if you can’t get access, Apple provides also a more general support here:


Je vous écris concernant le morceau « Les rois frères », que j’ai sorti en 2019 en featuring avec Eli. Ce dernier m’a signalé que la chanson n’était pas référencée sur son compte Spotify.

En effet, le morceau apparaît sur la page de cet artiste :

alors qu’il devrait apparaître sur celle-ci :

Eli | Spotify .

En ce qui me concerne (Raphifou), le morceau est sur le bon profil :blush:

Serait-il possible de régler le problème, s’il vous plaît ?

D’avance, merci !

Belle journée à vous,


Bonjour @Raphifou
Vous pouvez utiliser ce formulaire pour demander à Spotify de mettre la sortie sur le bon profil :

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Okay I’ve done directly with Apple Music Store. They solved my problems.

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J’ai le même soucis sur la sortie de mes titres sur Deezer, ils sont tous rattachés à un autre artiste du même nom “SAPO” mais qui n’est pas moi.

Comment pouvez vous remédier à ça svp ?