My release its not modifyng

Hi, I would like to modify this release. This is already the second time I contact you regarding this issue and you are not helping me. I have changed the cover because you did not help me with removing it from iTunes/Apple Music either. Even after changing the cover, I am not able to fix it. I have noticed that the featured artist is listed as “con” instead of “featuring,” but I am unable to change it now. Therefore, please accept the cover, identify the problem, or remove Apple Music/iTunes from the release because it is significantly affecting the label’s development. It seems like a joke that we are paying for such poor support. There are free distributors that are not as complicated and do not create as many issues. We are paying the highest subscription for only having problems and more problems with the releases, so please fix it. Regards.

@Pauline can you assist?

Hi there,

I’m checking what went wrong here and will make sure that you’re release goes live asap.

I see that you’re already in contact with our support team, I’ll follow up there for more clarity.

Thanks for your patience! :raised_hands:

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Good afternoon, thank you for having solved the previous problem I had and for ensuring that the release did not have to be delayed. The only issue I have now is that, after checking, the remixer of a single track, who goes by the name “caye.”, does not appear as one of the artists. Will this track still appear on “caye.” Spotify profile? It is quite important that this is sorted out before the release, as it is one of the first for the label and it is crucial. We want both “SIMONN (AR)” as the main artist and “caye.” as the remixer to be recognized and appear on their respective Spotify profiles and other platforms. Thank you in advance.

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hi! can u answer the another issue i have? thanks in advance


The release will appear on Caye Spotify profile, on the “Appears On” section, at the bottom of the profile page.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: