My release passed the quality check & wasn't released

Dear Support Team,

I received on 8.05 this confirmation that my release passed the initial quality check.

“Great news! Your release Horizont from Adrian has now passed our initial quality checks. After one more internal check, everything will be ready to send it to your chosen platforms. From there, each shop you selected to deliver your music to will conduct their own checks.”

I planned this release for my birthday 19.05. but this day i didn’t find my release on spotify, because my release is on hold: “Please fix the fields requested for correction” But I wasn’t informed about it! And what should I fix? I should have put in a lyricist but I already did it last time! So I did it again and nothing happens for two day. No email etc. Now I have 2 Albums at the library section: “delivered” and “in quality check”

Kind regards,

Hey @ivandrianov, thanks for your message.

There are two similar releases 7610096064249 and 7610096065635, with same tracks but different order. The release 7610096065635 was sent to the shops and therefore the other one can not be live as it is the same.
We will therefore cancel the order and refund you the duplicate, alright?

Awaiting for your response and all the best,


Dear Melani,
thank you for the quick reply! Yes, please delete the new one. But the first release, which is “delivered” actually isn’t delivered. I can’t find it on any platform.

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Hi @ivandrianov, here me back! Your release 7610096065635 will be delivered tomorrow online, the date chosen was the 24th of May!
I cancelled the other one and refunded you in promo credits, that you can use in your next purchases with us!

Well then, kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,