My songs on youtube

hello i was wondering if my songs on youtube could be redirected to my youtube page …

hi @liopat , I’m tagging @Maurizio here, please have just a little patience as it is Friday night so the answer might arrive next week

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ok thanks

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Hi there,

I just wanted to add my little input here.
No, you can’t have your songs redirected to your YT channel. Why? Because the videos created by YouTube when you release songs are automatically created and associated to a “Topic channel”. The only thing you can do, when you respond to the criteria, is asking for an OAC (Official Artist Channel) = “combining” the videos from your Topic channel to your regular YT channel. In that case, you’ll have a new tab where you’ll find your releases (for example take a look at my own channel: and you’ll be able to do some little things.

More information here: How Can I Get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube? | iMusician

Be careful: having an OAC doesn’t mean that the Topic channel will cease to exist! No. It simply means that there’ll be a strong link between this and your regular channel. Plus, you can’t modify the description of the videos coming from the Topic channel. It doesn’t work (if one day someone succeeds in doing so, I’ll be happy to know how they did it!).
You can recognize an OAC with the music note attached to the name of a YT channel.


Thank you @eriahummingbird,

I can only second what you wrote.
That’s 100% correct :slight_smile: