My track hasn't been submited to content ID yet


Please do you know why my track hasn’t been submitted to Content ID yet after i have paid for the service?

Hi @bedtrandajodi can you please post your EAN barcode? Maybe @Maurizio can help you with it :v:

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A post was merged into an existing topic: This problem is from last month, and the distribution was not done, nor did I respond to my emails, nor did I get a refund. What is this?

Hello @bedtrandajodi,

The Content ID on your track was rejected by YouTube because you used non-exclusive samples.
You can find more info here.

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Thanks i never received the email from you guys, here’s my EAN barcode: EAN 4066218788556

Please since it was rejected can i have my money for the content ID activation refunded back to me?

I will go distribute my track with another content ID distributor! thank you

Hello @bedtrandajodi,

you got refunded in Promo credits that will be deducted from your next purchase on our platform.