NEED HELP PLZ** artist name is incorrect on Apple Music

Hi- My artist name in Apple Music is incorrect, it says “Ravi&oli” not “Ravioli” :frowning: It IS correct on all other platforms I’ve seem so far. How do I get it fixed? Tnx

Release Name: Hack My Body Release Page: [Hack My Body](javascript:void(0):wink: ℗ Recording copyright owner: Official Ravioli Music Artist Details: Ravioli Label: iM Electronica


Hello @Ravioli I’m a moderator doing my best to give you hints,

I tag @Maurizio and @Melani from iMusician support to adapt “Ravi&oli”

The support is closed the week-end

• A DIY musician in electronic music like you, trying to help each other :wink::ok_hand::notes:


Thank You!! Much appreciated <3 This is my first single so I’m a noob and not sure how I can even login to my profiles on the streaming platforms (other than Spotify bc they sent that and I was able to claim it).

Is there a link to explain what to do?

For example my track is on Youtube but they didn’t put it on my Channel there instead it’s on a generic release topic?

tbh it’s pretty confusing.


Hello @Ravioli

They are plenty of faq on iMusician

And also youtube tutorials on iMusician youtube channels

A2D :wink::ok_hand::musical_note:

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@Maurizio @Melani Hey guys any update on the incorrect Artist Name situation on Apple Music?

I reached out to Apple and they replied with:

Your selected content provider is best qualified to identify and provide this information.

At this time, Apple doesn’t facilitate name-change requests from artists. Apple encourages you to deliver new music under your new artist name through your content provider, but Apple won’t retroactively update previously delivered content. Thank you for your understanding.

For your reference, your case number is 102257527778.

Best regards,
Apple Inc.

Does this mean you have to resubmit the Single with the correct Artist Name and delete the current one?

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Hello @Ravioli

I tag also @Carlos from iMusician for your case



Hey @Ravioli :slight_smile: I replied to you yesterday confirming that we sent a correction request to Apple Music and the request might take up to 3 weeks.

Thanks for your patience and kudos for your music!

All the best,


Hi @Ravioli,

Concerning your question on Youtube, your release appears on YouTube because YouTube Music creates auto-generated videos on which ads might appear so you can earn revenue (Spotify use a similar principle with their free users).

Basically, when we deliver your tracks to YouTube, they end up on two different places:

  1. YouTube Music;
  2. YouTube under an auto-generated "Various Artist - Topic” channel.

When your tracks start getting a significant presence on YouTube, a new “Artist - Topic” channel is automatically created. If an artist doesn’t have an Artist Topic channel, it may be because:

  • There are too few videos from the artist;
  • The artist’s videos do not generate enough views;
  • The artist’s videos do not meet YouTube’s quality standards.

Only YouTube can decide on the creation of an “Artist - Topic” channel. As a distributor, there is nothing we can do to influence that decision.


Tnx Melani I appreciate your help [: I haven’t had a chance to look at the next post you did on YouTube yet. I’ll check it out after Apple fixes my Artist name. Ttyl


Hello @Ravioli, closing this conversation! Please write a new post in case you need further assistance :slight_smile:

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,