Need information for distributor switch


I have to leave iMusician to switch on other distributor.
I submit my old releases on the new distributor and he ask me to notify you.

How I can do this ? By mail ?


Hi @Slash059,

To be able to distribute your releases with another distributor you first need to request a takedown of all the releases you made with us.

You can do it directly from your iMusician dashboard, like explained on this page.

There is nothing else you need to do from our side except requesting the takedown.

I hope that helped !

J’ai changé de distributeur qui me demande maintenant de vous contacter pour vous notifier de ce changement.
Dois-je faire quelques actions (retirer la sortie ou autre…) ? Ou dois-je vous contacter par un canal spécifique ?
Je cherche désespéramment un moyen de communication avec vous, mais il ne semble pas y avoir si nous ne sommes pas en AMPLIFY.