Neural Anthems (my first Synth V album) - Full Album Preview

I’ve been playing around with vocal synth software known as Synth V so that I can write lyrics and vocal parts for my songs. And now, I’ve finally written an entire album consisting of 9 tracks that makes use of this new software! All lyrics are written by me, but I use a combination of the Mai, Kevin, SOLARIA and even Ninezero vocal synths for the vocals of the songs, and I think they do a fantastic job overall adding to the vibe and aesthetic of each of the songs! Kevin especially! Plus, the one song that I use Ninezero for (Highest Power) goes HARD! For the Rap Battle preview, though, that is me myself doing the rap there. I recorded it through my laptop microphone, so the audio quality is admittedly not the best, but I tried my best to do the rap, and it serves as a nice contrast to everything else using the vocal synths.

With all that said, I wanted to show you lot some one-minute previews of all 9 songs coming up. The album should be releasing on streaming services on 21st September, but I might release the songs on my channel a little earlier in a premiere or something. Either way, though, let me know which songs are your favourites based on these previews, and I hope you lot enjoy this!

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