New subsciption based modell creates confusion

Hi there,

I just need some further clarification and I asked some questions per mail and got refered to this community help page.

I was looking at the new pricing for the upcoming release. These are now shifted around a bit to part subscription based and part single payment for releases. I noticed that label registration is only included with Amplify+. We already paid 30.- to register as a label. I have a couple of questions about these issues.

  • For example: When we will make releases that have been registered with Amplify+ be transferred to iMusician-Label once the subscription period ends? (Labelregistration only inclueded in Amplify+)

  • What happens to the 30.- euros we paid to get pur label registered ?

  • Does the time we have the subscription count to enter release or must the release date then also be in the subscription time frame?
    Start of monthly subscription: 17.3.23
    Therefore the end would be: 16.4.23
    Release registration: 17.3.23
    Could the release date itself be on 17.4.23 and onwards and we still would have all the tool inclueded on Amplify+?

I thank you in advance for clarification!

I would say that the release date could be anytime.
But the services provided by Amplify+ (0% commission, email support) will stop after 16.4.23.