New user, Release not published on Instagram after Release Date

Hi there! I’m new to iMusician and signed up with the free plan. I purchased my first release on August 11th 2023 and it stated the Digital Release Date is September 11th 2023. I selected four shops: Deezer, Facebook/Instagram, Pandora, and Napster, and the status changed to “Delivered” on August 19th. However, as of today (September 13th) my song is only appearing on Deezer and not on Instagram or the other shops…
I would like to know how to fix this bug urgently because we needed the song on Instagram for our promotion campaign that we scheduled to start on September 11th :slightly_frowning_face: I read this help article that stated the release should be published on the stated Release Date (How long does it take to have my release online? | iMusician)

Thank you!

Hey @Eyeglasses :v:

thank you for your message and welcome to the Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please tell us the barcode of the release.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.

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Thanks @cantheproducer and @Carlos. The UPC is 650311436908 0650311436908
The info is in the below screenshot:
Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 11.49.26 PM

Appreciate your help and hoping this can be resolved quickly!



Hello @Eyeglasses,

Unfortunately your release has been rejected by Pandora and META (Facebook & Instagram) as apparently these platforms do not support Medleys :confused:

In regards to Napster, as far as I know you can only access their library of music if you have an account, therefore I cannot check if the release is available there. However, I can confirm that the release was delivered to them on 21.08.2023 and we haven’t been informed of any issue on their side :slight_smile:



Thanks for the update, @Carlos . I have seen many mashups and medleys on META e.g. below screenshots of two songs on Instagram. Not sure why they would allow some mashup songs but not all :roll_eyes:

Do they do this on a case-by-case basis and not their official policy?

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Hello @Eyeglasses,

I cannot speak on their behalf, but this is the reason they have communicated to us regarding the rejection of your release. In the end, they have the last word when it comes to what they accept to upload on their platform and unfortunately we don’t have a say in this I’m afraid :confused:


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