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Hi! Hope all is well. We’re leaning towards releasing through iMusician, but there are things I’d like to know first.

  1. Is it possible for us to choose not to release on YouTube? We already have a channel there and we like how we can manage the channel directly through YouTube, and on our own.

Although, we do want to release it on YouTube music, of course. The audio platform. But not on free conventional YouTube, specially cause some tracks would be repeated there, cause what we’re about to release on streaming platforms, is already on our channel there.

Good evening there,

Thank you for your message. From what I know and see from my own account, when you select YouTube among the platforms where you want to send your release it includes both the traditional YouTube and also YouTube Music. You cannot have only one. I’ll still tag @Carlos to confirm. He should answere you starting from tomorrow (it’s too late now).


Thank you very much for your reply!
Good to know.
Ok, I’ll wait for his confirmation.
Appreciate it.

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Hello @Lucas1,

I confirm what @eriahummingbird said. When you select “YouTube” in the shop list, your release will be uploaded on both YouTube Music and YouTube via a Topic channel.

Unfortunately there is no way to distribute “only” on YouTube Music as each release that appears on this platform automatically has an auto-generated equivalent created on the “traditional” YouTube which is hosted on a “Topic” channel.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


It certainly answers my question. And thank you for your agility, really needed that.

Well, ok then.


@Lucas1, glad we could help! :slight_smile:

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