No support via e-mail with subscription

I have an AMPLIFY subscription, valid until 12 Apr 2023, which I connected just to have support by the mail - my tracks are distributed with the Rockstar package.

I received that reply to my question:

Thanks for getting in touch.
Our customer support has moved to our iMusician Community.
If you prefer support via email, simply subscribe to our AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ plan to get even faster support.
Your iMusician team
This conversation will be automatically archived. Please do not answer this email.

Guys, this looks like a bug. I already have a paid subscription, can I get an answer please?

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Anyway, here’s my question. Perhaps this will speed up the process. Thanks in advance!

I have a channel on YouTube and it meets all the requirements that are listed in the official YouTube help and in your topics. Exactly:

  • Own and operate a YouTube channel that represents one artist or band with at least one public video;
  • Have at least 1 official release on YouTube;
  • Have no policy violations or strikes.

Here’s my channel: Квалиа - YouTube

I would like to ask you to submit an application to YT for my channel to receive Official Artist Channel status. Is there anything I need to do for that?

Hey @surrgeon
If you contact the team with the email you use for your iMusician’s account or through this way, you should get the support via email.

@Melani Can you help here with the OAC request? Thanks :wink:

Hello @surrgeon, thanks for your message!

Upon checking, I’m glad that we sorted this out! I could see that you viewed my answer - then super fingres crossed! And please check it out here to contact us from your dashboard, given your plan: How to get in touch with iMusician? | iMusician

Talk soon and have a great one!

Hi, I’ve had the same issue yesterday. I have an Amplify+ subscription and contacted you via the contact button in order to receive help via email and the email I got had the same content: I should update to Amplify+ or use the community instead.

Please correct this bug and answer via email.


Hey @rikwater

We’re aware that this email :incoming_envelope: is being triggered for the wrong customers, we’re working to find Nd and sort this bug :bug:, in the meantime, please be assured that we have received your email.