Pagamenti effettuati

Scusate: ho caricato un nuovo brano, è la prima volta che lo faccio. Ho effettuato il pagamento per due volte perchè, il primo dava errore, o forse ho pagato 2 volte. Continua a scrivere pagamento non effettuato. Tuttavia se vado a fare nuovamente il pagamento dice che il credito è a zero e non mi permette di pagarlo. Qualcuno sa qualcosa?


Hello @Pao59 I’m a moderator doing my best to give you hints,

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to do something to help with your payments

The support is closed the week-end

• A DIY musician in electronic music doing the same steps like you, trying to help each other :wink::ok_hand::notes:


Hello @Pao59, our system shows that both payments attempts have failed because your credit card provider rejected the transaction. Could you please contact them for more info on this ? Otherwise, you can also try paying with a PayPal account :+1:


the manager is telling me that the card is fine but there are problems with your POS. please check, thanks.
I have tried to pay other times but he doesn’t accept it. The CSRTA managers keep telling me there is a problem with your POS. let me know. Thank you

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Hey @Pao59, the transaction refusal reason is the following:

Please clarify this with your bank. On our end, I can confirm that the payment portal works fine :+1:


I will speak to my bank once again