Paiement non reçu?

Bonjour j’ai demandé un versement le 21 novembre j’attends toujours j’ai rien reçu apparemment c’est fréquent donc vous êtes exprès pour voir qui va se manifester ou non je comprends pas ???

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Hello @Momo

Thanks for your message.

As soon as you request a payout, it will be transferred to the payment method you provided within 30 working days. You can find more information here → Comment puis-je demander un versement ? | iMusician

This is also stated in the terms and conditions that you have agreed to when you use the iMusician service → Termes Et Conditions d’Utilisation | iMusician (“Comptabilité et versements”)

In individual cases it can take longer than 30 days, for example if additional checks are necessary.