Paying For Amplify Plus Subscription With Promo Credits

Hello there:

I have quite a bit of promotional credits which I paid for that are still valid. I would like to use them to pay for an Amplify Plus subscription for monthly. However, the only option is credit card.

Is there truly no other option to pay for this subscription? If not, could you please add this feature? I have quite a lot of money available in promotional credits, & do not wish to spend any further money to have the ability to use Artist Hub Pro, or release my tracks. That is really all I need Amp for at this time, anyways.

Please check into this when possible.


-DJ Knetter Gek

EDIT: I think this is solved. By default, it chose promotional credits. I believe I can cancel thereafter from my dashboard. I think that you should have an option to choose, however, for those that don’t want to use credits.

Hi @DJ_Knetter_Gek
You can pay your subscription with credits but you need to enter a valid payment method (PayPal or Credit Card) to be able to subscribe even if you’ll be using your credits.

Let me know if that helped.


Hi Jordan:

That help a lot! Thanks for the timely response.

One suggestion I have for the developers is to have the option to pay for promo credits or not, instead of by default.


Alright @DJ_Knetter_Gek - I’m tagging @Julie @Susann who will forward :slight_smile: