Payment not received after 44days

Hello there,
I have requested payout on 10th may and its over 30 business days but i have not received my payout.
I have sent serval e-mails since 10th june but till now i have not received my payment

Hi, there is no work on weekends so please wait until next week for the staff to come back :pray:

@Carlos can you help here? Thanks! :v:

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Yes i need help
I contacted support team through emails but till now i haven’t received my payout yet

Hello @Viralhomies,

You have been contacted via e-mail regarding this matter.

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I need explanation of this issue.
I have the right to know what is going on with my account.
Please explain or i have to seek legal help


As we have already told you via e-mail, our dedicated teams are investigating your request due your account’s history which I cannot disclose publicly on this thread.

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