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Hello iMusician Team,

I am writing about payment that is being late this month, I have requested payment successfully 14 June 2023, can you please check this for me as long as it almost 41 days and payment has not been received, even that everything is ok as long as I got the email

(Hi Fidan,
Your well-deserved music royalties are on their way to you and should arrive in your account very soon. Here are the details about your payout again:
Amount: €1377
Method: PayPal)

But this payment still not received.

Just to clear Payment of May month (11 May 2023), has Pending status as well but this payment is received, it’s just about last payment!

I hope this will be solved soon, and payment will be sent as soon as possible, because it would be fair for us to receive royalties on time, as we need them to re-invest in music!

My iMusician dashboard e-mail log in is the same as my iMusician Community email address!

Thank you
Kind Regards.

hi @Carlos maybe you could help @Fidanrasimiu with his problem? best, Andi

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Hello @Fidanrasimiu,

As explained here :

If the status of your payout is still “Pending” after 30 days it means that our team is running some additional checks before our payment can be initiated. As a result your payout may be delayed as these verifications take time.

You just have to be a little patient while all the required verifications are made in order for the transaction to be confirmed :slight_smile:


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Hello @Carlos ,

Thank you for your response, before I opened this topic I found your answer in someone else question that was made about Late Payment!

But I again decided to reopen it, because I consider that my case should be examined, as I mentioned in previous message In my account there is 2 payment is pending that means payment of May, but one of them is completed the first one but not the last one, even that both has Pending status!

Can you please forward this to accountant team and process my last payment as well, as long as it seems to be a technical issue!

As an artist, I think that such a delay in royalties is really unfair, taking in consideration that iMusician Distribution Service has later payment times compared to all other companies! For Example:
My royalties that are still being late are royalties for reference month February, this is really disappointed still waiting to get deserved-royalties of February month now that we are almost in August!

This is very important for us artists, considering that we want to reinvest these royalties in our music and development!

I you will forward this and solve as soon as possible!

Thank you
Kind Regards

Hello @Fidanrasimiu,

It is not a technical issue because if it was, you would be informed of it by our accounting team. Because of the history of your account, our Trust & Safety team is investigating carefully before confirming anything.

We know that this is very important and for you and this is why I will kindly ask you to be patient while it’s being taken care of.

Thank you,

I found this notification when I try to log in my account:

Your account has been blocked

Please contact

What is happening here!!?

Hi @Fidanrasimiu

Thank you for your message.

Please send an email to this address as described. Unfortunately we cannot help you here in this regard.


Best regards,

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