Payment pending from more than one month ago

Hello, i’m waiting forn two payments (over 300€ between the two), from october and december respectively.
The artist is Gold n’ Rhythm.

Hello @Ruben

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.



Hey @Ruben,

The streaming platforms have detected severe cases of stream-boosting accross your catalogue (you have already been informed of this via e-mail on 22.09.2023), therefore all of the revenue you have generated fradulently is currently being held by the shops for a complete investigation.

Until this procedure is completed and the platforms have submitted their final decision regarding your revenue, there is nothing to be done apart from waiting.

Also, keep in mind that stream manipulation constitutes a violation of our Terms & Conditions, which can lead to penalties being applied to your iMusician account. If you wish to preserve a constructive relationship with our service, we highly recommend you cease any stream-boosting activity immediately.

Best regards,


Thanks, more or less, when i’ll have a response?
Thanks you so much.

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Once the platforms have completed their investigation (there is no clear delay for this I’m afraid). You’ll be notified in due time.