Payment requested

Why my payment is still “REQUESTED”

hi @memmeow , could you please give some more details while I’m asking @Carlos if he can help with this? like which payout (for which month) and when it was requested? thanks in advance :v:


The payment it was requested on July 21

ah, ok, it takes 30 days for payouts to be processed, so don’t worry, that far everything’s normal :v:

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Why does it takes so much time? In 2023 is not possible nowadays…

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It’s just the standard procedure as by terms and conditions in the Accounting & payouts section, so please have a little patience with this :v:


Why my withdrawal is suspended?

Hey @memmeow :v:

Thank you for your message.

@Maurizio from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly.

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Hello @MMusic,

Yes, payments take up to 30 days to be processed so you will receive it by August 21st.

If the status of your payout is still “Pending” after 30 days it means that our team is running some additional checks before our payment can be initiated.

You can find additional info here.