Payout (August)

Hello everybody!
I’m with Imusician since 2019 (as Pro Unlimited user) and i never had problem with payouts.
I just wanna ask if only i have problem? I requested payout 8.08 and status is still in pending, in past i never waiting so long.
Of course i sent msg to imusician team but maybe they have problem and i’m not alone with this situation, i have multiple musicians and singers in collaborations and i need pay them.
So, everyone gets your royalties requested in august?
Thanks for any information.
And if you like 80s and 90s rnb/funk/disco style
Check my music :slight_smile:

Best wishes
Flamingo Cartel

Hey @FlamingoCartel

Thanks for your message.

If the status of your payout is still “Pending” after 30 business days it means that the team is running some additional checks before the payment can be initiated. As a result, your payout may be delayed as these verifications take time but, in any case, they are doing the best to give you access to your revenue as soon as possible.

You can find the information here —> How To Request A Payout? | iMusician

I mention @Carlos from the iMusician Team. He can give you an update on your issue.



Thanks for reply
So, I’ll wait for any more informations.

Have a good day


Hey @FlamingoCartel,

As our Trust & Safety team already informed you of via e-mail on 04.09.2023, part of your catalogue had to be taken down due to the artificial stream boosting that was detected by Apple Music/iTunes on some of your releases. Unfortunately this can have an impact on your overall revenue (as platforms need more time to check and validate your streams before sending us the money) and delay the transaction.

For now, I will simply suggest waiting while this gets sorted by the platforms so our team can receive the final numbers to issue the payout :slight_smile:


Okay thanks for information, yes we have all cleared with team