Playlist Pitching Service

Hello everyone. Hope everybody is happy and producing.

I was looking at the subscription types and what they offer and I noticed the point: Editorial playlist pitching.

Can someone elaborate on this please?

It says that iMusician will pitch to editorial on multiple platforms. Is this different from pitching tracks yourself on spotify for artists?

I am guessing it is the button you turn on in the release page under the release date calendar.

Any info is appreciated!


Hello @Debreu

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly.



Hey @Debreu,

Yes, this is a different kind of pitching. Our Quality Assurance team reviews all the releases that are submitted to us and among this team there some curators who, when they come accross releases they really like, will issue a pitch to some shop’s editorial playlists.

In those cases, we contact the artist via e-mail to let them know that their track has been picked up by one of our curators for pitching :+1:


Okay thanks alot. I will try to use this when I am ahead a few month with my release schedule.