Playlist submission: Free or Amplify only?

I saw that it is possible to request iMusician Playlists for free even if you are not an artist on iMusician. I did that, but no response. (note, I already have tracks distributed by iMusician) I submitted both my tracks from iMusician and from another previous distributor. I ask, does it work? Is it possible? Or else Amplify+?
What the Link says is that it is possible to submit it for free:

Another question: if I upgrade to Amplify+ at this point, is it possible to submit the tracks I already have to Editorial playlists? Or Editorial playlists is only for new releases?

Hi @beto6773 :grinning:

thank you for your message. You can submit as many songs as you like at any time. You don’t have to take out a subscription for this. Please note that submitting a song does not guarantee that it will be included in the respective playlist.

I also often submitted songs for various playlists, but these were not added.

This isn’t meant to be personal or anything, but the curator team has a different taste, why your submission wasn’t added, or the total number of submissions from many artists is very high, why a pre-selection may also be made.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer your second question, but I would like to mention @antonioayora and @Maurizio from the iMusician Team, who can give you more information.


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Hello @beto6773,

that’s correct. Once a release is online, it won’t be possible to pitch for Spotify editorial playlists.

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@Maurizio , I think @beto6773 was talking about our (iMusician) playlists?

Is that correct?

Yes, I’ve never got a response from the iMusician, playlists’ curators, so I asked to understand better: does it work, are them active, is there difference or advantage being Aplify(+) in relation to Playlists…