Please help me

im trying to release a song and you don’t confirm it due to “low resolution cover” and the cover is intended to be that way. this is my art. please let’s fix this misunderstanding. let alone that today is the day it was supposed to be released and you notified me of the denial too late. you had two months.

i want to re upload a cover that will fit the terms and conditions. please unlock the edit button. this song has to be released today


hi @shaulmaozshanti , I’m asking @Carlos if he can help you with this :v:
meanwhile you can send the updated cover here.

thanks for the reply. how do i attach it? could anybody from the resolution inspection crew unlock the button that lets me replace the cover?

you can just drag and drop it here

Use one of these.

If the previous one is not working use this one please

How much time will it take you to fix the problem and release the song? It is very important that it would be released today

If the size is not enough take this one.

Hey guys. i haven’t heard from you and have no idea if you’re taking care of my release. please inform me of the current state of the process

hi @shaulmaozshanti please don’t use different topics to post about the same topic as it only delays the process. and yes, your issue will be taken care about by the team :blush:

hi andy, the release is still pending and in the stare of “quality check”. which i learnt that means nothings happening with it. you had almost two months to check it and notify me that it doesn’t pass the resolution conditions. i need you to take responsibility for the delay and help me fix this as soon as possible. ive worked with other distributors before and have been shown a lot more care for my costumer experience.

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hi shaulmaozshanti, I do understand very well and the question will be taken care of. I am a musician like you and a moderator here on the Forum so I don’t know exactly how it came to this but as I wrote before, I already have tagged Carlos from the Team. He will check everything as soon as possible and come back to you. atb, Andi

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hi andy, i don’t understand. did you mean to say no official iMusician staff member knows of this issue? the current state of the progress we’ve made to fix the problem is that we are waiting for someone with the ability of helping to notice this chat?

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hi shaulmaozshanti, sorry for explaining me badly, I meant exactly the opposit, only team members know about it, me, I am not a teammember but a moderator. A teammember will take care of your issue asap. :v:

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Hello @shaulmaozshanti,

Please allow me to add a little bit of context here: You have been requested to change your artwork 3 times since 10.01.2024 and you’re providing us the new artwork only now (that’s more than 20 days later!).

We totally understand that your release is planned for Monday and that you’re in a hurry, but you need to provide us with the requested files on time if you want us to do our work correctly :wink:

I’ve replaced the artwork for you and forwarded the release to our Delivery team so it can be handed over to the streaming platforms. It should be online within 2-3 working days :+1:


Hi Andy. thank you. i hope this will be resolved today

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it already is :v: