Possibility of a refund

On december 22th I bought a package to upload an album with the rockstar plan. I’ve gone through a lot of tribulations and complications to release my project, the experience has left a lot to be desired. The release date that appears on streaming platforms does not match the one that I entered while uploading the project. The way the project is named and the song names does not match the ones I first introduced.

That aside, the new system and how you guys presented could have been treated in a better way. I would like to have a full refund, I will take down the release and move on to another distibution company. Since I can’t change the names of the songs nor the release date.

Hello @ritorito, hope all good!

Modifications from the iMD dashboard are possible only when the release is still open, in the creation phase. Once it is paid, we are the only one having the option to edit the release.

I am sorry to hear you had troubles creating your release and I’ve just sent you a DM! :slight_smile:

Talk soon!