Potential Migration

Hello I Musician
We have been with you for almost 10 years and we are not anymore satisfied with your offers.
Since we know that we are not going to have the privilege of talking to somebody via email ( like it used to be before, FOR FREE ) about customer service issues, releases issues or whatever, i will ask you here :

Is there a way to completely migrate our musical catalogue, that is all registered with imusician, to another platform without having to reupload everything or we are literally stuck with you charging us for a service that i consider BASIC and not worth to pay for?

Thanks in advance,

Andrea, NOT Simone

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hi @X35 , sad to hear! you should ask your new distributor about the procedure, but as far as I know you, can just take down your releases from iMusician and redistribute them with the new one. So don’t worry, you are not stuck with iMusician. Maybe it could be worth before taking down everything to talk in detail about the reasons you are not satisfied anymore and see if there are any solutions? all the best, Andi :v:


Hey andii
This is happening just for one simple reason : I need to speak to somebody because after many years of inactivity we are plannng a new release and i needed to talk to somebody in order to have a better release plan.
Fact is that, hearing for the first time in my life that to get an email reply i’ve to get the AMPLIFY PACKAGE ( like seriously, wtf ) got me kinda upset because, as an old time user, i don’t really get how a simple email reply from the artist relations team is a premium feature.
Anyway, i think you perfectly understand that i really wish to not leave the platform since it would be a gigantic job to move all the stuffs from here to another platform so i’ll speak with you about it.
I don’t wish to let all the community know about the plans of my band, is there a way to speak privately about something with Artist & Label Relations department or in order to do that i really need to pay the annual fee?
Does the annual fees allows the Artist & Label Relations department help us with our new release? Is the Artist & Label Relations able to provide us assistance with the promotion of our new release ( like, playlist placement, spotify advertising counseling, demographics info, label suggestions, etc ) ?

Thanks in advance and sorry about me being so upset but i think you can understand, we’ve been together for 10 years and i expect some attention as i’m a very old customer :sweat_smile:

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hi Andrea, yes I can understand what you mean! your questions are important and I’ll tag here @Melani and @Carlos from the Team for more and more founded information than I would be able to give you! you can expect an answer from Monday, thanks a lot for your reply and have a nice weekend, Best, Andi


Hey @X35,

I understand your frustration regarding the change of formula, but this has been in place for a year now and you have been informed of this change via e-mail (like every other customer). I’m very sorry that you’re hearing about it for the first time now, but this how it currently stands.

Don’t worry, I’m sending you a Private Message so we can discuss your band’s plans privately and find a solution :+1: