Pre-Reelase a single from a upcomming album?

Hi there.
Is it possible to pre-release a song from a upcomming album for example 4 weeks before the album will be released? I guess I have to pre-release the song as single but then I have to pay extra for the single release? cheers

Hello @pixeltango
Yes, that’s right - you need to create your single release to have a track taken from the album released before this very album.

This is a strategy we encourage to do as this allow you to get a new chance to pitch one of your songs to editors (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Apple…) + this helps you to promote beforehand with some materials our full length release with press/radio and so much more benefits.

Ok, thanks. So this one track will be release twice, once in the single and once in the album. Cheers David