Price for my upcoming release

Hi can anyone help me ?

I have set a release date for my single but nowhere did it give me an opportunity to put in price I wanted to sell track for I’m Puzzled

Can anyone advise please ?

Kindest Richard

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Hello @Maverick2024

Thanks for your message.

As far as I know, you can’t specify the price when creating the release.

I mention @Melani and @Carlos from the team for further information.



Hello @Maverick2024,

As said by @cantheproducer , it is not possible to change the price while creating the release.
Usually, the price for track is set to 0.99 $/€ /per track , i.e. in iTunes. If you wish to change the prices, we would need to do it manually. However, this would be have an additional cost and therefore, it could be convenient to have an AMPLIFY+ plan for a month or year.

Hope this helps and all the best,