Problem using our tracks on Tik Tok

Hi, we’ve released tracks with EXODUST thanks to Imusician and they’re now available for use on Tik Tok thanks to our Artist certification. The problem is that now our publications containing our sounds are muted… Their answer is: The authors have not given their authorization for commercial use.

I’ve read your help on the subject, which states that professionals can’t use popular music. And that going from creator to user would change that. Except that that was the whole point of passing artist certification. We’d just like the account to be whitelisted so that we can use the sounds we’ve had distributed on your site.

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Hi, thank you for your message.
@Maurizio will get back to you shortly.


Hello @Exodust,

Well, if you have a professional account, that’s exactly the issue. As you can see from this article,

The only thing you should be aware of is that, as of 2020, business accounts on TikTok are only allowed to access the so-called Commercial Music Library (not the whole TikTok Music Database) consisting of royalty-free tracks available for marketing and advertising purposes.

From my understanding though, you still don’t have a professional account, so the problem is very likely related to the pre-listening point selected for your tracks:

Please check the TikTok section in this article to get your answer



Thank You Maurizio, i understand well :slight_smile:

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