Problem with artist profil on apple music, deezer


i discoverd my song “Maggoty” has a mistake in my artist name and picture on apple music. The picture is not mine neither. I have no artist profil on deezer. For deezer, do i have to create an account? Can you please fix it?

Best regards

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Hey @Aziza,

Can you please provide the barcode of the release in question ? :slight_smile:


Hi Carlos!

Sorry for the late answer, i just have no notifications on my email.
Well i decided to take my song out of imusician because of those little mistakes and because of a deal with a music broadcaster i would like to have. And it seems more interesting for me to have all my songs on the same place.

How can i delete my song from imusician then? Here’s the UPC code: EAN 4066218745658

Best regards

hi @Aziza , sorry to hear you’re leaving! To take down your release you might want to take a look at this.
Just to clarify, the error happens when there is more than one artist with the same name. Mostly selecting the right profile during the release process avoids this problem, to go deeper into this you might also want to take a look at this.
Even if your release should end up on a wrong profile (which doesn’t depend on iMusician as you could see above) it can be easily corrected:

all the best and good luck for your music, Andi :v: