Problem with release

“Life Sense” - (4066218883169)

i published a song here but i published the song to other distribution company before but i already takedown from other company

so confusion build up now you guys want agreement between you and the rights holders that allows you to publish this release? For copyright reasons

but i was also me publishing same song here

Hello @problem ,

thank you for your message. @Carlos will get back to you shortly.



Hey @problem,

The track is already online with different metadata: Life Sense - Single by Leo Erik | Spotify

If you want to distribute it with us, please reach out to us again only when it is no longer online. We will then be able to make the delivery :slight_smile:


Hello again " Okay "

Please Edit this released so i replace the audio thank you

Life Sense” - (4066218883169)


Do you want to replace the audio with a different version of the same track ?

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I want replace audio with completely different track


I’ve sent you a DM.

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