Problem with the track section

In the track section, anytime I click on the track, I have a window opening with all the informations, that I did filled. But when I close it, the box of the track is unticking, which doesn’t allow to include the track, and then go to the next section.

Is there anything I did not understand about this page? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanx in advance

Hey @Pauls, there are 2 things missing in your metadata:

  1. You must include the legal names of the contributors (lyricist and composer);
  2. You must include the legal names of the people who recorded the music (whether it’s with instruments or programmed by computer) in the “Interprètes” section.

Once you’ve added this, you should be able to finalise the order :slight_smile:

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Hi Carlos, still have the same issue…

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That’s because you must also add the lyricist in “Contributeurs” and the musicians in “Interprètes”.