Problemas con los nombres de las canciones

Hemos preparado un lanzamiento para el día 1 de diciembre y los nombres de las canciones no aparecen como nosotros las configuramos. Queremos que aparezcan correctamente. ¿Qué podemos hacer? En la plataforma de imusician están tal y como nosotros las queremos (uso de mayúsculas, todos los subtítulos…). Mando imágenes para que se vea la diferencia

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Hello @volverasiquem

Thanks for your message.

@Kuo will get back to you shortly. You can expect an answer next week. No one from the Team works on weekends.


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Perfecto, quedamos a la espera de respuesta. Nos interesaría arreglarlo antes de la fecha de lanzamiento.

Hello everyone @cantheproducer and @volverasiquem! Unfortuately, it is not possible to request a mix formatting of the titles. Online shops are usually using the standard format, which only the 1 letter is in uppercase. Capitalization (all uppercase) is not allowed unfortunately.

Hope this explains and all the best,


Buenos días.

Todas las canciones deben incluir su subtítulo en mayúsculas y entre corchetes, según el modelo “Título de la canción [SUBTÍTULO]”. Así lo contratamos y así consta en la plataforma. En caso de que no sea posible, deberían haberlo avisado con anterioridad, para que pudiésemos buscar otra modo de publicar. No es aceptable programar un lanzamiento que no se corresponde con los requerimientos del artista sin comunicárselo. Les hacemos tres indicaciones, por orden de gravedad:

  • Sobre las canciones sin subtítulo. Hay tres canciones que deberían tener subtítulo y no lo tienen. Son las tres canciones que hemos programado como single: “Esperar a otro [HIMNO]”, “Villancico [CÁNTICO]” y “Límites [PRECES]”

  • Sobre las mayúsculas y minúsculas. Muchos otros artistas también usan diferentes formatos. Todo minúsculas, todo mayúsculas o formatos mixtos entre ellos (desde Billie Eilish a Niños Mutantes).

  • Sobre los corchetes. Los subtítulos los queremos añadir con corchetes “[SUBTÍTULO]”, no con paréntesis “(SUBTÍTULO)”.

Les pedimos, por favor, que arreglen los tres errores antes de la publicación del disco. Como artistas, usamos también el formato de publicación como parte del concepto que queremos transmitir con nuestras obras. Para nosotros, esos detalles tienen gran importancia.
Muchas gracias de antemano.
Volver a Siquem.

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We are opening a new topic because we feel our problem hasn’t been solved. We have a release launch planned on December 1st EAN 4066218900705 and there is an issue with the tittle of our songs and we need to solve it before this date, it is very important for us.

You can see the differences between the tittles we wrote and the ones appearing in Spotify right now.

Here you can find what needs to be changed, by priority order:

  • Our launch includes both tittle and a subtittle for each song, as We spent some time thinking about the best way to comunicate our main concept. We need this subtittle appearing in every song. Now we see that it is missing in songs 3, 9 and 10.

  • We don’t understand why our songs have uppercase in random words. We just want the upper case as we thought them, every other option is an orthographic mistake from our point of view.

  • We would like to change ( ) for [ ] . Many songs have them and we don’t ask for this change, so we would like to see the tittles as we designed them.

  • We chose the subtitle (just the subtitle, not the tittle) in capitals. In case there is no possible, it would have been nice being informed in advance, not changing our tittle songs without any consultation. Many other artists as Billie Eilish have songs mixing upper and lower case, so we know it is possible.

We kindly ask to solve this problem before the launch date. We thought about those details as part of our art work, so it is prior for us to take care of them and having the tittles exactly as we though them.

Many thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing form you.

Volver a Siquem.

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dear @volverasiquem , please do not open different topics on the same argument you won’t receive different answers . the answer of @Melani already explains why you can’t have all uppercases. if you have further things to add to that please do it in this topic. Thanks for your understanding, best, Andi :v:

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We are sorry to insist, but we don’t feel @Melani or anyone answered to all our questions. We just don’t feel heard. We don’t ask for different answers, we ask for answers to the questions we have raised.

  • She only said “only the 1 letter in uppercase” is allowed, and we have capital letters starting some random words (and we don’t want them). We find here a contradiction. Furthermore, there is spelling contradiction.

  • She didn’t explain why you didn’t let us know our requirements weren’t permitted before programming our launch and paying it.

  • She didn’t explain why some other artist can publish their songs with different formats, and she didn’t provide any information about “online shops” that don’t allow capitalization.

  • She didn’t say anything about titles without the subtitle required (songs 3, 9 and 10). This is very important.

  • She didn’t say anything about changing parentheses “(x)” for brackets “[x]”.

We just want our work to be published as it was thought.
Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Volver a Siquem

yes, that’s what I mean, you can ask more explanations, just stay in this topic for that :v:


Hello @Andi Andi and @Melani
We are looking for a solution, not an explanation. Please, let us know as soon as possible if any of our requests can be done within the next days, so that we may have time to consider canceling the release and looking for another option.

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hi @volverasiquem I’m asking @Melani and @Carlos again if there is any solution to your problem :v:

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Hello @volverasiquem,

My colleague has already explained to you that the type of capitalization you request is not permitted by the streaming platforms.

  1. Your titles have been formatted according to standard capitalization rules, which you can find here.

  2. You were informed of this in the Terms & Conditions that you have accepted when creating your release. They clearly state that:

  1. Other distribution services follow their own set of guidelines, we cannot speak on their behalf about this. At iMusician, the rules are the ones my colleague and the T&Cs indicate, which are based on Apple’s stylistic guidelines.

  1. We cannot “correct” the titles of tracks 3, 9 and 10 because you’ve already released those three tracks as singles (4066218898002, 4066218898514, 4066218900729), with the same ISRCs, and there the titles were without the () at the end. If you want to add the subtitles, the Singles will have to be updated as well.

  2. See point n°1.

We kindly ask you to stop insisting on this, our team has made sure that your content is receivable by the platforms you have requested.