Question about releasing classical music

Greetings to all! I’m trying to find a distributor who can support the correct metadata and classification of audio tracks for classical music.

I’ve recorded some classical music that isn’t in the public domain. Other distributors classify these recordings as a “cover” and apparently won’t allow a “cover” the be classified in the “classical” genre.

Would I still run into this issue with iMusician?

Thanks to anyone who might be able to answer this question!

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Hello @otaylor,
interesting question!
I’m tagging our classical music expert @Kuo here :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’ll follow this topic with interest. Thanks, bye!


Gonna add a tag for @tobibobi as well, Classical can get difficult very quickly (literally has its own rules) and @Kuo is on vacation at the moment

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Hey @otaylor
You’ve come to the right place! :wink:
We do allow recordings of non public domain works to be classified as “covers”.
In this FAQ-article you’ll find some additional and very useful information (e.g. publishers for non public domain works).

Just out of curiosity: What works did you record?

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Thanks so much for your replies everyone! Thanks @tobibobi for the link to the FAQ - very useful information.

Below is a link to this specific album on my website where you can see all the tracks on the album and demo some audio. There are a few songs and piano pieces by living composers that I’m hoping iMusician can help me distribute correctly.

I’m pretty excited about the prospect of working with iMusician. It’s really great to be able to connect with the support team and artist/label community. It was also pretty cool to see that nearly every comment on YouTube videos had a genuine, helpful reply. I feel like I may have found what I’m looking for!


Hi @Kuo! I just have a few questions about classical releases!

Can our music be classified as “classical” even if it is not in the public domain? (For example, we are releasing some brand new “classical” pieces, written in 2022.)

We plan to join Amplify+. Will our albums continue to be available on all of the streaming platforms we select, even if we change to a different subscription level or cancel membership?

Is there a trial period to get a refund if this doesn’t end up being the right fit?

Thank you for your time and expertise! Just trying to make sure we’re going in the right direction for classical music!

:laughing: Thanks for pulling out the YouTube comments (and THANK YOUUUUU) I’ll take that recognitiion, we’re excited to work with you too - hopefully we can get things live for you and get your releases out there!


@the_soundpusher are you also releasing Classical / Instrumental?

Hello Simon, I’m a mix producer and mastering engineer specialized in Hi-Res Audio for digital distribution. I also collaborate with some contemporary classical composers and every time the problem of dedicated classical music shops arises. Unfortunately the Primephonic service has been taken offline, iMusician seems to no longer distribute on eClassical and Presto Music, also I’ve never seen any of our titles online on HDTracks. Remains Idagio as far as I know, but maybe you have some useful update!

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