Question about UPC and ISRC codes

I was previously working on an album release with CD Baby before I discovered iMusician. I did not release the album with CD Baby, but I did get a UPC and ISRC codes from them.

Can I use the same ISRC and UPC codes on this album release with iMusician? I only ask because I purchased a few mechanical licenses with the CD Baby ISRC codes.

I tried looking up the ISRC codes at ISRC Search - but I’m guessing they didn’t show up because nothing has been released yet.

Thanks for any insight you may have!

Hey @otaylor
You can use those codes as they’ve been assigned to your release and your tracks but if you haven’t release this music yet - It’s also not an issue to reassign new codes with us.

Let me know if you have other questions regarding UPC/ISRC codes.

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Please I use my ISRC/Ean code
That I sent to you before this time, already.
Why don’t you submit for me.

Because everything are real.
Please tell me and for getting and earning money from sale.

I would like you to tell me for sale now with you.
Cause I sent everything y to you but remain feedback required.

Hey @musician-2023,

Welcome to our Community!!

I’ve just sent you a DM to check this out together! Talk soon!

Thanks @JJ_JJ! I kind of figured it would be alright, but wanted to check and make sure.

Thanks for the reply!

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