Question on New Feature on imusiciandigital

  1. I just discovered a new feature Editorial Playlist Pitching. I wanted to ask can I pitch 2 different releases at a time and can I pitch a instrumentals, remixes and speed up track of a previously released song? Also why do you say we should not submit to Spotify Editorial Playlist wen we use your editorial Playlist?

  2. This regarding artwork can I spell the title and name of song like this :

Example 01: Name of Artiste: CARLOS
Title Of Song : Imusician Digital Swiss


Example 02: Name Of Artiste: Carlos

3.if I remove the lead vocals and leave back ups vocals and vocals on the choruses of a song can release it as instrumentals? Just to explain better the track would have backup vocals, chorus on the instrumentals but no lead vocals can I release it as instrumentals?

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  1. You can only pitch one focus track per release. Do not pitch edited versions of a previously released song. Because pitching the same release twice to the same playlists will cancel out your submissions.

  2. None of these examples can be accepted. It needs to be formatted like this: Carlos - Imusician Digital Swiss

  3. No, instrumentals cannot contain any vocal recording.


@Carlos 1.can I submit an edit of a previously released song to Spotify Editorial Playlist ?
2. How can I register for a new label?


  1. Please refer to Spotify’s resources to know everything about their pitching feature: How to Pitch to Playlists – Spotify for Artists

  2. What do you mean by “register for a new label” ? What is the context here ?