Release a Cover Song

Hi. Can I release a cover song just by filling all the things asked by the page? Do I need something else ? Is it legal to do that?
Need help, please.

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hi @Fabian did you take a look at this already? How To Distribute A Cover, Edit, Remix or Mashup? | iMusician

Hola. He visto que iMusician no genera problemas al subir un cover a las plataformas, pero no hay algún problema legal con eso? Puedo subir algún cover de música Japonesa (En este caso) y quedarme tranquilo? No necesito pagar extra o entrar antes a para hacerlo?
Espero puedan ayudarme.

Hi, Andy! Yes, I did. But I think is not what I need. Do I need a license of the song before doing this? If I do, there is a way to notify iMusician?
Like, if I use easysong for clearing a song and use it, how could I notify iMusician ?

okie, let’s see if @Carlos or @Kuo can help you here


Okey, thanks for your time


Hey @Fabian, can you please describe a bit more what kind of cover you did and what changes you’ve brought to the original track ?