Release an EP featuring a track already released as a single


I recently release a single “Nous célébrer”
I Now need to release the EP that features that single previously released.
The problem is I Cannot include the track top thé EP playlist .
Could you help me out?
Thanks and regards,


Hello @PierreEsparto I’m a moderator doing my best to give you hints,

Thank you for the creation of a message in this thread after my reply to your dm

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to help you

A DIY musician in electronic music like you, trying to help each other :wink::ok_hand::notes:


hi @PierreEsparto , did you try to upload the song again? that wouldn’t work, you should add it from your library to the EP :v:


Imthat does not work neither I am stuck AND going to miss the date of my release
I am really disappointed by Imusician follow up AND System

None of the suggestions have worked .
I have triés everything
I am now about toi miss the date of my release because of the lack of follow up and system quality by Imusician.
That is not acceptable that no help is brought by anyone from Imusician.

So what do you suggest?
Thanks in Advance


@Melani please help as I am going to miss the date of my release.
None of the suggestions are working

Hello @PierreEsparto, just go on each track where the red bar is and check what is missing:

It seems like few metadata is missing. After that you can proceed to complete your release. Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,

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@melani you are great! @iM-staff should be grateful to have you in their team as no pone has been able to help me out so clearly and quickly.
I have now been able to go along the complete process for my release.
However I am still disappointed that the time I have Lost since my first emails and post is putting my schedule away and I Cannot pitch my release to Spotify as it is to late.
Is there a way for you to compensate that?

Many thanks again,have a good Say Melani

Hi @PierreEsparto , I’m glad that you were able to complete this in a fast way! Alway click on the red line :slight_smile: when you see it, it will explain you what is missing!

Cncerning the pitching, I checked your release date and unfortunately it is too close. Please note that for pitching we need at least 14 days plus the days required to send the release to all shops and in order for you to make pitching.

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,