Release date is diferent to the one that we choose as release date


We recently uploaded a song a couple of days ago and selected April 11, 2024, as the release date. However, in the Spotify for Artist app, it shows that the release date of the song is April 10, 2024.

Do you know why this is happening? is there any way to fix it?


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Hello @otrosabadosanto

Thanks for your message.

Don´t worry! This is a problem in the Spotify app. I also have this problem / bug. The release view often shows the wrong date. But if you click on the release, the release date should be April 11, 2024.

Your release will appear on the date you selected when creating the release :slight_smile:



Hi @cantheproducer

You are right, I checked in the spotify app in a diferent section and the release date was correct.

Thank you!