Release day inconsistency

Hi. I release regularly on all major platforms including spotify and run ads to my music as my sole source of marketing.

I always release on fridays as it is the international release day and also spotify release radar gets updated on fridays.

Even though I always select friday as my release day some of my music released on thursday midnight, some throughout friday, and some release at the friday midnight.

Is this an issue related with spotify or iMusician? Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please enlighten me for future releases?



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Hello @Debreu

thank you for your message.

I suspect the delays have something to do with Spotify. I always release my tracks on a Friday. These will then appear on Spotify at midnight from Thursday to Friday.

But I also had cases where the releases didn’t appear at midnight on Friday night, but hours later.

I mention @Carlos from the team. Maybe there is more information about this.



Hey @Debreu and @cantheproducer,

As explained here:

“Every online store works autonomously and each release will be made available during the time frame that involves the entire 24 hours, from 00:00 to 23:59, on the expected release date. It is therefore not possible to determine beforehand if your release will be available starting from midnight or later on, because each store has its own internal quality check procedures; in any case, your release will be published within the scheduled day.”



Thanks for the answers guys, all clear.