Release denied

I’m sorry. but this dosn’t make sense. “The composer of this track is not traditional.”

I am the composer. Bill Valiontis. What’s the point of paying for another release,

when it will probably be rejected, because it dosn’t like my name.

Also, I’ve got a red flag in the Tracks section, that I can’t fix.☹️

It dosn’t say what’s wrong with the track. I have no way of fixing it.

If you can’t fix this problem, then I have no choice to look elsewhere and a new publisher.

Hi @billv, thanks for the message.

I added the composer for you and submitted the correction:

Please note for the future that traditional composer/lyricist can be toggled on only if they are not known, like for folk/traditional songs. In your case, as you are the composer, you must enter the data with legal names (name + surname).

Your release is now in the hands of our quality team and they will proceed with delivery!

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,

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