Release have not beed delivered to Tidal

Hi there. Our release VA Neural Embers have not beed delivered to Tidal. Please fix it.

p.s. All other releases have been successfully delivered.

Hi @Omsun I was able to find your release and saw that it was indeed missing from Tidal. We’ve just sent an update here and the release will be online on Tidal as well very shortly.

Hello, @Christoph. More than a month left, but the release still not on Tidal :frowning:
Any news?

Hi @Omsun Sorry to hear. I can see that we’ve delivered to Tidal on the 20th of March. We’ve reached out to Tidal again to have them finally upload the release.

Ok, thanx.
@Christoph I wont create a new topic… but we also missed few releases on Napster. It is Ascoli Sun - Emergence and Kirna - In Space!

Plz clarify and fix it.


Hi @Omsun I’ve reached out to our delivery team here as well and the releases should be back up on Napster within the next week.

Hi @Christoph. Guess what? :slight_smile: There is still no our release Neural Embers on Tidal.
And there ares till no our releases Ascoil Sun and Kirna on Napster.

Any impediments?