Release is not showing in spotify

Hey dear people,
my song should show on spotify, but it doesn’t.
here is the ISRC number for the song: (DELETED BY MODERATOR)
could you check this for me? Let me know, if you need anything else.

Thanks in advance! Hendrik

Hi @Hendrik

Please do not share personal information such as ISRC in the community.

Someone from the iMusician Team (@Carlos) will contact you via DM for any specific information they need to solve your issue, but please do not share your information here!


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Hey! Thanks for the reply and also for deleting the ISRC number. I didn’t know! i’m still new in the music creating business :slight_smile:

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Hello @Hendrik,

Your release “Journey” is set to be released on 03.07.2023 as you can see on your dashboard under “Release Angaben” → “Verwalten” :

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


hey Carlos…well that’s kind of embarrassing :smiley:
i actually didnt notice this. thanks for the reply and the screenshot!
i’m glad that it will work out fine then.
grettings and have a nice day!