Release is on the wrong artist page on Spotify

Hello iMusician team,

My band “Rebis”, has an artist page on Spotify (rebis) which contains our releases “Hidden Realms” and “Tuman”, but for some reason when you delivered our last release “Ourobors” onto Spotify, a separate artist page was created just for that release. Is there a way to get our last release “Ouroboros” onto the Spotify artist page which contains all our previous releases? (“Hidden Realms” and “Tuman”).

Best Regards,


Hi @Rebis let me help you out here. Since you already got a claimed artist page via Spotify for Artists, log in and fill out this form to have your release moved to the correct profile.

Hello Imusician team,

we have the exact same problem.
My band “EMU” has an artist page on Spotify with the album “breathe in”.
Somehow our new album that you released (called “Polarity”) wasn’t released under our already existing artist page but you created a new artist.
Can you add our last release “Polarity” onto our Spotify artist page which contains our previous release (“breathe in”)?
Thanks and best regards,

Hi @EMU thanks for hanging in there. I’ve just informed Spotify and they’ll be moving the release to your correct profile within the next few days.