Release issue

You notified me a problem with my album release request. I want to include my single in my album, can I do this? (I already published the single with iMusician).
The other problem seems to be the name of the album, “Cheyenne”. It is also my artist name but i don’t see the problem; it is very common to name the album as the artist.
Last thing i wanna ask is if is it possible to talk directly with a person for assistance.

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Hello @Cheyenne

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly.



Hey @Cheyenne, thanks for the message.

You can definitely include one single in an album. When creating the album, you will need to add the singles by clicking on the button Include from library, instead of uploading the audio files again. This will grant you to keep the ISRC and not to encounter errors.

I see the release is on its way to the shops, so congrats!

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,